Honda Servicing

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We know you love your Honda, so why not let our specialists take care of it. When the time comes, it’s important to know that your Honda is serviced by highly trained technicians who understand the performance engineering of your car. Our technicians are experts in Honda’s and work to the highest quality standards, using only OEM quality parts.

We offer a wide range of servicing and maintenance options to help you keep your Honda in fantastic condition for as long as you own it – whatever the age or mileage.

Our servicing includes.

1. Lighting, Instruments, Bodywork, Glass, Locks, Battery, Coolant Level, Drive Belts, Brakes, Suspension, Steering, Hoses, Drive Shafts, Suspension, Exhaust, Tyre condition, Electrics etc.
2. Replacement of Oil filter (Interim Service), Air Filter, Dust (Particle Pollen Filter) and Fuel/Diesel Filter If required.
3. Replacement of Spark plugs (Petrol)
4. Remove Wheels and check condition of brakes
5. Check tension on all Drive belts (Alternator, Drive, Fan)
6. Check and top up all Lubricants such as Engine Oil (Recommended for Vehicle), Steering fluid, Suspension fluid (Hydraulic),Brake & Clutch fluid, Antifreeze, Injector and fuel treatments
7. Full vehicle Road test
8. Reset Service schedule Indicator using service reset tool
9. Stamp Manufacturer Service book
We provide specialist Honda Specialist Servicing and Maintenance in the following areas:
Honda Specialist Servicing Shephards Bush - Hammersmith - Turnham Green - Stamford Brook - Ravenscourt Park